Heat and Air Tips for Two Story Homes

Think back to your 3rd grade science class when you learned about how temperature affects air. If you recall, hot air rises and cold air falls. This simple scientific principle makes heating and cooling a multilevel home a bit tricky. In the summertime, the cold air that makes it way to the second story will slowly make its way down the stairs and be replaced by warmer air. However, with a few simple fixes, you can keep your second story nice and comfortable.

Plug the Leaks- One of the best ways to keep the good air upstairs is to take away all the possible points of exit. This means ensuring all windows and doors are properly sealed.

Block the Sun- Keeping shades, curtains, and blinds closed during the hottest parts of the day will stop the hot sun rays from coming into the home and heating up the air your heat and air system worked so hard to cool down.

Don’t Block the Air- If cold air is having a hard time getting up to the second floor, make sure it has a clear path. If couches or other furniture are blocking air vents, rearrange the room to maximize airflow.

Attic Insulation- Adding insulation with a high R-value will help maximize cooling and heating efforts by trapping the conditioned air inside the home.

Attic Fan- Insulation is a good start, but if you really want to use your attic to its full potential put in an attic fan. These nifty little additions will suck the hot air out of a room and send it back outside where it belongs.

Invest in a Zoning System- If all else fails, a zoning system is sure to keep your multilevel home comfortable. This solution requires a larger investment, but since it uses a system of dampers in the ductwork and remote thermostats, it gives homeowners the option to have complete control over the temperature throughout their entire home.

If you have additional heat and air questions or need help cooling and heating your multilevel home, call ASAP Heating and Air.