How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Heat and Air Unit

The longer days and sunshine are great, but dealing with all the bugs can make summer a drag. The last place anyone wants to deal with bugs is inside their own home. One often overlooked entry points bugs can take advantage of is your heat and air unit. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to keep bugs out of your heat and air unit. Just follow these quick tips.

Clear the Area

The first step to keeping bugs out of your heat and air unit is to clear the area around the unit. Make sure the grass is trimmed, weeds are pulled, trash is picked up, and any puddles of water are removed. This will eliminate most of the attractive features bugs look for when they set up shop.

Change the Air Filters

When air filters aren’t changed every three months it will clog the intake and force the heat and air unit to work overtime. This will cause more wear and tear on the unit, increase the amount of energy used, which will increase the utility bill, and it will also create moisture in the unit. Since bugs love moisture, they will be attracted to the heat and air unit.

Patch the Ductwork

The ductwork running from your heat and air unit to the air vents inside your home will typically develop a few holes from normal wear and tear. These holes can be an open invitation to bugs of all kinds. By using some foil tape and sealant, you can revoke that invitation and send the bugs packing.

Bring in the Big Guns

If you take the first three steps and are still dealing with bugs in your home, it’s best to call the exterminator. Let them know where you're seeing the bugs and what kind of bugs you are seeing and they should be able to handle it from there.

Bugs are just one of many things that can make you uncomfortable in your home. If the temperature is making it uncomfortable, call ASAP Heating and Air.