How to Finance a New AC System

Getting a new AC system for your home can be a sizable investment. Considering that this purchase will control the comfort level of your home and have a big impact on your utility bill, this isn’t a purchase you want to skimp on. However, some homeowners will delay upgrading their AC system because of the large price tag. Thankfully, AC systems can easily be financed with low monthly payments. This can be done through the manufacturer or a variety of financial institutions.  

AC System Manufacturers

As the people who make the units, AC system manufactures know what it takes to produce a high-quality AC system and, more importantly, what it costs. To make the buying process easier for homeowners, most major manufacturers will offer flexible financing. The application process is fairly painless and surprisingly fast. Because they specialize in these kinds of loans, they are also able to offer low monthly payments and competitive payment plans.

Financial Institutions

Another option is to get a loan from a bank or credit program. These third-party lenders work with service contractors to help homeowners fund home improvement project. Rates and max amounts will differ from lender to lender, but financial institutions will normally have pretty low rate for these kinds of loans.


You probably won’t be able to completely pay for your new AC system with rebates, but they can make a good dent in the final amount due. Utility companies offer all types of rebates for new ac systems, so be sure to check to see what you qualify for.

Credit Cards

If push comes to shove, you can always put the new system on your credit card. You’ll need to check to ensure you have a big enough line of credit to make that big of a purchase. This option will likely have the highest interest rates, so it’s not ideal.