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Here's how TruTransparency pricing works:



Our $120 Easy Fixes are listed below, and you can avoid this charge by checking the following:

Check your circuit breaker and make sure all switches are turned on.
Make sure your thermostat is set to the proper settings.
Make sure no switches have been turned off by accident from another service provider (TV/Cable, Electrician, Internet, etc.
Reset circuit breaker
Install thermostat batteries
Reset system
Flip disconnects pull out
Reposition wall switch
Thermostat operator error



Here’s what we’ll fix for $159 (plus parts) including a 2-year parts and labor warranty:

Remove plugged filter
Reset or program thermostat
Re-light pilot
Replace humidifier pads
Replace line set insulation up to 6 FT

Install CO detector
Install smoke detector
Clear obstruction from inducer motor
Clean and replace pressure switch hose
Clean permanent filter
Clean/adjust ignition component
Check by-pass humidifier
Adjust air flow on supply grill
Clean flame sensor



Here’s what we’ll fix for $289 (plus parts) including a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

WIFI & thermostat app setup
Align and clean burner assembly
Replace capacitors
Replace low voltage fuse
Replace door switch
Replace burners
Replace pilot assembly
Replace ceramic fuse link
Replace flame sensor
Replace roll out sensor
Replace limit switch
Replace dual capacitor
Replace circuit board
Replace relay
Replace time delay
Replace UV light bulb
Perform Acid test on refrigerant lines
410A refrigerant per pound
R22 refrigerant per pound
Install compressor hard start kit
Replace condenser fan blade
Replace Sequencer
Replace crank case heater
Replace contactor
Replace collector box
Replace pressure switch
Install ceiling saver kit
Rebuild drain line per 10 FT
Replace Schrader valve cores and/or caps
Repair gas line up to 4 fittings
Replace thermocouple
Replace AC combo switch
Perform condensate drain cleaning
Replace PVC flue (minor with pipe)
Replace frost/freeze low ambient screw on kit
Install igniter
Install vibration isolation pads to level unit (1 technician)
Refrigerant leak search on single component
Install thermostat (running wire not included)
Clean or adjust pilot assembly
Perform gas leak search
Repair flue pipe
Repair high or low voltage wire per 10 FT
Install condensate pump
Replace humidistat
Replace condensate pump
Clean stationary evaporator coil
Repair single duct branch (1)
Clean electronic air cleaner cells (standard)
Replace condenser high/low pressure switch
Install thermostat wire
Replace gas valve
Standard 115VAC Transformer
Install filter drier
Replace furnace disconnect switch
Install new electric heater kit - OEM
Replace steam humidifier cartridge
Replace outdoor condenser motor
Replace indoor blower motor
Install universal motor mount bracket
Replace zone damper motor or entire damper
Replace defrost board and sensor
Pull and clean blower wheel
Replace standard return grill
De-ice coil
Install compressor sound blanket
Replace existing power vent control board and/or motor
Install secondary drain line
Clean steam humidifier



Advanced repairs are repairs that do not fit in the standard repair fee or the major repair collum. We use this fee on electric motor replacements, inverter system repairs, and any repairs that involve retrofit kits, or extensive rewiring in your heating or cooling units.

Below is what we consider an advanced repair:

  • Replace Blower Motor
  • Replace Inducer Draft Motor
  • Repairs involving communicating systems and variable refrigerant flow



If your system needs a major repair or rebuild beyond the items shown above, (less than 5% do), those rebuilds are TruTransparency™ priced at $799 (plus parts) including a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Below are some of the most common major components that may require a rebuild.

Remove and clean evaporator coil
Install or replace duct branch line
Level unit/system
Repair leak in refrigerant line-set
Refrigerant circuit clean-up flush and acid test
Perform air balance on system
Replace suction accumulator
Install new power vent motor kit
Install metering devise
Replace reversing valve
Heat Exchanger
Nitrogen pressure testing system
Replace service valves
Replace condenser coil
Replace caseless slide in evaporator coil
Replace Condenser Coil

*Additional “Common repair fees are at a 50% discount, plus the cost of parts. A parts acquisition charge of $59 for non-stock or OEM parts may apply. A $38 recycling fee for recovered refrigerant, compressors, and either of the coils. After hours parts house opening fees are passed through to customer at our cost. In the unlikely event you choose not to do your repair with us today, you are responsible for the CDT processing fee only of $89. All installation tasks such as, but not limited to, system replacements, condensers, ductwork, flue systems, are quoted separately from TruTransparency™.
Healthy Home Club Membership parts discounts no longer apply to parts because we are offering them to you at our cost with tax. Refrigerant Is a separate fee because all systems are different and the amount of refrigerant in the system varies. The warranty processing fee ($45) is for doing the additional tasks and paperwork required by the manufacturers for the warranty. All installation tasks like system replacements, condensers, ductwork, Flue systems, are quoted separately from TruTransparency.